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Planet and Moon


We begin again and again 

every experience is either what we want to create or a contrast to show us to change course.


anastacia mongelluzzo 

It is my passion and purpose to provide guidance to people on their journey.  knowing that there is more to life than constant stress and problems. I can help. 

here's how:

Personal Coaching:  online or in person - Single sessions, 8 week sessions, 3/6 month coaching container 

online and in person classes and workshops

Quantum energy grid work sessions- see services page

Reiki sessions- see services page

Aura soma color therapy consultations- see services page

Awesome energy supportive jewelry 

free resources

Blog- on this website

podcast - invincible the art of transformation

Inspirational emails- sign up at bottom of this page

social media- facebook, instagram, you tube- see bottom of page

Free frequency webinar
watch live or get recording emailed to you

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Planet and Moon

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