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Create balance for your body, mind, and spirit with restorative, healing, and transformational modalities


Anastacia Mongelluzzo

I welcome you to my sacred practice. This is a place where the mystical healing arts meet real world challenges and find pathways to overcome them. our life's contrast provides us opportunity. First, the knowledge of the experience, then to understand it deeply, and finally transform it into wisdom. This process done masterfully, creates a human with a sovereign and satisfying life. 

my practice offers a multitude of ways to support you through massage therapy, energy healing, Coaching, and transformational jewelry. Check out some testimonials here!

A little about myself....

I am a Healer, Spiritual Guide, Mentor, Artist, Visionary, and Entreprenuer. Over 20 years ago i was called to the healing arts and have consistantly expanded my  abilities to support my clients in a safe and sacred space.  I love learning new things, I believe variety keeps things fresh and interesting. In the last 3 years i have completed a quantum energy healing certification, as well as a silver jewelry diploma to develop more skills for healing and to create a more extensive line of jewelry. I share my life with my husband of nearly 20 years, Joe.  He and I have 2 beautiful children together, Joey and charlotte. We love animals and have had a total of 7 dogs, 3 of which are with us now.


My offerings

Restorative & Healing Massage Treatments

Transformational Coaching

Energy Work

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