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Pumpkin Spice

The other day, while driving in the car with my daughter, Charlotte who is 12, I jokingly referred to some thing else I bought with pumpkin spice in it. She immediately asked me, what is your obsession with pumpkin spice?

I laughed and said as a matter of fact, I've been thinking about this. Developing the healer in my all of these years has brought on a habit of regular reflection. This particular week was no different. I had the urge to make soup, feeling the wanting to tap into nourishing myself. As I did, I thought about the spices and vegetables of the season and why I'm one of those people that truly enjoys this time of year. These are the answers that I came up with.

My deductions begin with the season. When studying Chinese medicine over the years I learned how we as humans go through cycles of the seasons, starting with Summer (fire), Late Summer (earth), Fall (metal), Winter (water), and Spring (wood). Each represents a cycle of life and an element that when we are aligned with it can create the natural flow with life leading to vitality, understanding and the wisdom that comes with the gift of growing older.

It also aligns with certain colors and chakras that in each of us need specific attention to heal so we can move forward with the grace and ease of self understanding, acceptance, and compassion.

At present we have entered the Fall season which represents our ability to let go of the old structures of ourselves and our experiences (this is the element of Metal), so we can make room for the new experiences to come. The blocks that prevent us easily going with this flow lie within the lower 3 chakras (Red, Orange, and Yellow), but especially the solar plexus (yellow). This is where we our ego resides. The ego's role is to define our identity while we are in our bodies and is a huge support for us. When we need to evolve the more shadowy aspects of our personalities (ego) though, it can be resistant. Especially if we are being asked to be different than what we are very used to, or to change how we relate to the memory of the people, places and things from our past that we hold most dear. This behavior is subconscious and mainly for protection because of our ties into the collective, cultural, and tribal belief systems we have subscribed to from our life's experiences.

When we are connected to the seasons flow we recognize these changes and can use our knowledge of these elements, colors, and Mother Earth's treasures (like food and crystals) effortlessly and intuitively to support ourselves. Food is a big partner for us, a gift Mother Earth gives us to utilize each season. So pumpkin, apples, cranberries, root vegetables, and warming spices like cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cumin, curry, cardamon, and cayenne are all here to support us. Crystals like sunstone, Fire Agate, Bloodstone, and carnelian can support us too.

For me to follow my instincts with this brings a warmth to my heart, like I am doing the right thing for myself and that the warmth that it brings to my home supports my family in ways I can't even imagine. It just feels good.

Several years ago a friend of mine, Kerry, who is a brilliant healer came in for a session and shared that she was doing a cleanse from a book called the whole detox (which is available on Amazon). She explained that it takes you through eating for each of the 7 chakras for three days each. I immediately bought the book and did the 21 day cleanse. Afterward, I came away with a deeper appreciation for a red apples, beets, pumpkin, green veg and how I could really use them for healing, not just to "try" to be healthy. I saw them in the way my other tools of essential oils, Aura Soma, body work, energy work, and special crystals I make into jewelry help me on my journey. Now every time I want a pumpkin spice anything I know it is to support my sacral and solar plexus chakras, my relationships, my self care, and my cultivation of self. I believe that the intention behind my consuming these things it a quiet prayer of thankfulness that supports me on a deep level, and it feels fun too. So, if you are in love with pumpkin spice too, perhaps now you have an even deeper appreciation for your craving for it! (Fyi I also adore cheeseburgers, fries and other things of the sort, and even though those comfort foods are more of a shadowy vibe I appreciate their role in my life none the less.)

Happy Fall Everybody!



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