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The human energy field, energy work and how it can work for you.

if you’re new to energy work, you’re probably wondering what energy work is exactly, and how you can benefit from it. These are all excellent and appropriate questions that I hope all people will ask. It’s important for us to have some education about our physical bodies and how they operate. Equally important is our energy body /field and how its health effects our physical body. 

so where does it begin?

In alternative, and more mystical healing modalities it is well known that the realities we experience begin in our energy fields.

The human energy field is a combination of intangible, and invisible to most 3 dimensional eyesight, energy structures. These structures hold information about the being within and around them. This information is known as a code, or codex. we experience our personal codexes as the reality we live in and our perspectives about it.

We influence our fields every second of every day wether we know it or not. The experiences we have are created by the codes that are "downloaded" in our fields. All of our experiences are chosen by our souls so we learn important skills in our evolution. These evolutionary opportunities are completed via sacred contracts with others who join us in those experiences. Every choice we make from those experiences creates new experiences either similar or degrees different which could be more positive or more negative.

The human condition or experiences can be stressful. this stress creates different situations in our energy structures that when not resolved impede our ease in life, otherwise known as disease. The physical body manifestation of disease tells us that a pattern /codex has been forming in the energy field for a while.

These disease states vary in each person, however, we can see major similarity of imbalance in our collective with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness.

Each disease corilates to different parts of the energy field, so lets take a look at some of the major structures of it.

The 3 main structures I like to talk about are:

  1. The Auric Field

  2. The Energy Meridians

  3. The Chakras

  • The Auric Field or Aura is the layers of energy around the physical body.

  • The Energy Meridians are the energetic circulatory system within the body.

  • The Chakras are Wheels of energy that align within the spine.

Each one of these has an important role in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

The outermost layers of the aura play roles in collecting information from your spiritual aspects of self, or soul and soul family. Many times there will be congestion or blocks within the field because the person is not able to process some things that could have been reconciled leading them more smoothly on their journey.

A few examples could be:

  • a person that has developed a strong willed ego that is resistant to change.

  • a person that has very penetrable boundaries, and is constantly picking up others energies to metabolize.

  • a person who is feeling and subconsciously acting out lower vibrational emotions via triggers. (See Emotional Guidance Scale below)

Emotional Guidance Scale

1. Joy/Knowledge/ Empowerment/ Freedom/Love/ Appreciation 2. Passion 3. Enthusiasm/ eagerness/ Happiness 4. Positive Expectation/ belief

5. Optimism 6. Hopefulness 7. Contentment 8. Boredom 9. pessimism 10. Frustration/ Irritation/ Impatience 11. Overwhelment 12. Disappointment 13. Doubt 14. Worry 15. Blame 16. Discouragement 17. Anger 18. Revenge 19. Hatred/Rage 20. Jealousy 21. Insecurity/ Guilt/ Unworthiness 22. Fear/ Grief/ Depression/ Despair/ Powerlessness

When our field is clear, we feel new ideas, heightened awareness, have keen nonjudgemental observations, and creativity.

The meridians will show similar signs as well as physical symptoms of stiffness, tightness, low energy, and an all around feeling of malaise. I describe it as a feeling of being disconnected from the flow of aligned action. Everything seems more difficult and self talk is turning toward a more negative side.

The Meridians also connect to the five elements which are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each of these have a yin and yang partner to different organ systems in the body.

The Chakras are wheels of energy that spin around moving energy down from our crowns ,where we receive spiritual direction for our lives journey and ground that energy down our spine to our roots to materialize it into the world.

These stresses cause the chakras to do a few things. The can move slower, they turn dull, separate from the natural flow, move in opposite direction, or even come to a full stop. When these negative effects happen and are not reconciled, the physical symptoms can be read pretty easily by paying attention to the body. Pain in certain places such as joints, and muscles, as well as digestive malfunction and headaches.

Each Chakra represents different structures in life and can be read specifically so we can take empowered action to reconcile them.

Becoming an Energy practitioner

On my journey I became a massage therapist in the year 2000. During this time of paying heightened attention to certain symptoms my clients had, I always asked: if the body is tight and I massage it , why isn't it getting better or staying better after the session. Eventually these questions led me to working with the body's energy field. Learning all about the Aura, Meridians, and Chakras gave me an arsenal to help my clients in a more complete way. These modalities also were of huge benefit to me on my own healing journey.

I remember my first experience receiving Reiki. I had the feeling of deep calm and the relief I would feel after emotional release (crying specifically). I committed to getting energy work done on a regular basis, and my trust in it was a powerful decision for me and my healing.

I always looked for certainty and proof of things because of the fear entrained in me. Energy work is not seen, but felt. Receiving it was one thing, but I was drawn to it so deeply I immediately became attuned to the art and was starting to practice it. After this my biggest fear became that others wouldn't understand it and or trust it and think of me as a weirdo do weird stuff. My journey to overcome those fears naturally continued with the goal being to become a confident and sovereign energy healer. This was not an easy endeavor, as people closest to me rejected these parts of me and it filled me with great sadness. It took years for me to be brave enough to trust who I am and accept it fully. I am so very grateful to be able to hold these gifts and help those who seek it. I now hold a master certification in Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, as well as a Quantum energy work certification. I am

Energy Work

There are many types of energy work. The art of Reiki I wrote about is one and is fairly well known. Others work with crystals, colors, light, sound, visualization, and imagination. These Energy modalities work on all aspects of the energy field. It fills up empty spaces, clears blocks, and creates flow. It leaves a feeling of new awareness, relaxed state, and decreased pain. Of course everyone is beautifully unique and because of this the energy medicine that comes through is specifically designed for you. Sometimes it provides relief and comfort, and others it will create a cleansing process or emotional release. If you have stored an abundance of stress in your field and have cleaning up to do, the energy work will align with what is best and highest for you and do the work. Many times our minds will want to know specifically what is happening, however, many times it will not be given the answers. This is where we develop the strength in trusting the process with more of our being than our minds. Restorative energy work and awareness of your energy field is a powerful ally in living your life to its fullest. It will give you access to more of your true self and expand your potential in every way.

Please enjoy some more resources below.



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