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Spring Cleaning
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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s administered by laying on hands to the body on general locations as well as specifically for areas of concern.

Your feet are submerged in a tub of water and salt is added. An Ionizer is hooked up to the terminal and turned on. A light flow of energy goes into the ionizer connecting with the body osmotically allowing a relaxing detoxification experience.

Relax and restore with light, medium, to firm pressure. Customized oils & heated towels. Use this modality for self care practices and continued wellness. Bring your body back to balance from enduring the physical, emotional, and mental stresses from life's responsibilities.

Energy Coaching Session

Connect with Anastacia for a specified and intuitive analysis of your energy field. this is a great addition to a hands on energy work session. She will intuitively connect with your field usually in a subtle meditative state, relay what is found and offer a natural consultation of questions and answers, guidance and direction.

 This is an elegant combination of jin shin do head neck release, chakra balance, reflexology, application of essential oils, and color to influence you energy field. This session was specifically designed by Anastacia to efficiently restore you and get you back on task.

Ear candling is the ancient art of opening the ear from excess wax and debris that can cause imbalance. During this treatment you will receive a healing neck treatment , reflex treatment, essential oil application and have two candlings per ear. It takes around an hour at the end of which you will feel restores and clear.

spring cleaning healing container

How does it work?

Register for the program with the cost of your 1st session ($95) here. 

 Once registered Anastacia will contact you to assist with what your needs are, answer questions about services,  align with what feels right for you, and schedule your appointments.


Commit to your self care

Create a consistent habit for your self care.

Schedule a minimum of 2 sessions a month

for a minimum of 3 months.

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Choose from the exclusive list of services

at a discounted rate. Each month receive

your first 2 sessions for $95 each. If you prefer more receive the third or more sessions for $90 each.

Receive distance energy work throughout each month, weekly emails with meditations and other helpful nourishing tips.


Feel what is feels like to regularly de-stress physically, mentally, and emotionally and how it changes your life.

Spring Cleaning Healing Container

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